Sunday, October 16, 2016

Janet Flash: Time

by Michael Seese

Another somewhat unconventional entry for this week's Janet Reid contest. But unlike last week's story (which didn't win, but earned a "Too creepy for words"), at least I know how I came up with it.

The keywords were 


I started with a mental image of those (speaking of) creepy cat clocks.

Once I thought of what I wanted to do with "splat" the rest fell into place. (Pun intended.) And here is "Time."

by the tick-tock
of the clock
on the wall
above the bed.
One of those bulgy-eyed cats.
Orbs darting back and forth, back and forth, forth and back.
Silly, like a child's nursery rhyme.

I remember I'd walked out to the end of the drive to grab the Post Gazette.
The scream stopped me in my tracks.
The ladder slipped. But my legs locked.
I couldn't get there in time. I couldn't stop his fall.
Then came the sound I will never forget.
A grotesque splat
as the pavement opened his head.

Now I have nothing. Nothing but time.

We'll see how it fares on Monday.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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