Sunday, February 12, 2017

Janet Flash: Cleaning House

by Michael Seese

After a few weekends of photo-prompt flash fiction, Janet is back with one of the classic 100-word contests.

In honor of the publication of Death & the Gravedigger's Angel, the the third book in the Auction Block series by Janet's client Loretta Sue Ross, she asked us to don our thinking caps.

Write a 100-word (max) story using:


And, look! "Death." Right up my alley. So I give you "Cleaning House."

Finally on her own, Amber treated herself to an extra tap on the SNOOZE. The folks at Starbucks poured her a freshly brewed cup of happy. 

Today will be great, she thought.

On the bus ride home, Staci suggested they get together. 

“Sorry. I've got to clean. You know how messy Dad is.”

“Girlfriend, he works you to death.”

“Yeah, since Mom’s been gone…”

Only a few broken dishes to sweep up. A little rubbing alcohol for the wrench. Digging the hole would suck.

Her favorite pajamas, still speckled with his red, she'd box up and hide. Like the memories.

Judging will be tomorrow.

I welcome your feedback.

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