Sunday, March 5, 2017

Janet Flash: Captives

by Michael Seese

With Friday morning's RSS feed came word that Janet Reid had, to date, sponsored 98 flash fiction contests. So this being the 99th, she asked us to use these words in a 100-word flash fiction contest.


If you don't get the reference, kids, here's a link. I ran over a few ideas in my head -- "I bought her 99 roses" and something about a person with OCD knocking 99 times. But on Saturday morning I came up with the opening line, and the rest of "Captives" fell into place.

The loop holds 99 keys. One for each cell door. My little personal prison hasn’t yet reached its maximum capacity. But I'm working on it.

I understand their plight. As much as I hate being the agent of their despair, letting them all out would be unwise.

One -- Bonnie, I think -- is not well. She may die. I guess that's sad. But I can always find another.

Each morning, one gets to enjoy a temporary parole. Which should it be today? Oh wait. It’s Monday. I’ll release the smart, chipper guy. The one the people at the office call “Jerry.”

Creepy, huh? But I think it's fun. 

Your thoughts?

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