Sunday, December 3, 2017

Janet Flash: Everything

by Michael Seese

Apparently, there is some notion that there's good luck associated with saying "Rabbit Rabbit" on the first day of a new month. Or so Janet Reid would have us believe. I may need to Google that for confirmation. Regardless, it served as  the basis for this week's flash fiction contest.

So our charge was to incorporate

in a 100-word story. The result for me was "Everything."

“You’re so lucky,” Bonnie says, bouncing Chloe on her hip. “You have everything. Your freedom. Your figure. You traipsed around Paris, while I grew fat, eating everything in the house. We should’ve traveled when we had the chance.”

Her words doth protest regret, but belie enviable joy.

“It’s amazing to watch them turn into ‘little people.’ Nick is his daddy. And Riki’s meticulous ways. Mini me! I tell you...”

While she babbled on, gushing baby bliss, my mind wandered upstairs, to the would-be nursery where the crib sat. Half assembled.

“Yes, we have everything,” I say, holding it all in.

Not to boast, but I'm VERY proud of how I worked "kismet" into it. 

Have you had some good luck lately? Tell me about it.

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