Sunday, July 22, 2018

Janet Flash: The Tango

by Michael Seese

I so hate to boast. But I have to. Before kids, I used to love playing softball. Later on, I developed home run power. And there's a certain feeling when you connect. When you know you "hit it out of the park."

I feel the same about my latest Janet Reid flash fiction piece

In honor of author Sam Hawke giving her a shout-out in his book City Of Lies, she asked us to write 100 words using:

woo hoo

Trying to do something with "woo hoo" I thought about what I could build off "woo." From that came "The Tango."

High above the city, where the ragged skyscrapers and soot-laden smokestacks belie its true beauty, a fiery dance unfolded. He flirted with the vast welkin, its ample blue proscenium the ideal stage for his aerial tango.

Hawk eyes wide with desire, he circled; she counterpointed at a safe distance.

“Shy one!” he shouted. “You believe I know not how to woo? Ho! Only true love could spur me thus.”

He dove on passion’s wings, anticipating reciprocation, not expecting the sickening crack of his neck.

Tumbling earthward, life ebbing, he glanced at his love, now merely a pale reflection of himself.

We'll see if Janet thinks I connected.

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