Saturday, August 22, 2020

Flash Friday: A Quiet Revolution

by Michael Seese

Week 2 of the return of Flash Friday. This week, our prompt photo was this striking image.


Our story had to be exactly 75 words, and incorporate either a revolutionary, or a droid. (Yeah, we had a lot of sci-fi this time around.)

But I liked the quiet calm of the photo and wrote -- in one sitting -- and wrote “A Quiet Revolution”

Narrow minds believe revolutions must begin with a BANG. Khao Tom knew they could arise from a hush.




The sound of rice sifting into paper bags filled the silence of his shop. One by one they accepted his grace, nodded their respect, and hurried home to feed hungry families.
When the last had left, Khao Tom stared at the few grains remaining for his dinner.

"The war is just beginning," he said.

Judges' decisions on Monday. 

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