Sunday, November 22, 2020

Flash Friday: Pitfalls

by Michael Seese

So there was a new Flash Friday this week. But I never got around to sharing last week's entry. I think I'll circle back to last Friday, then catch up sometime in the next few days.

The 11/13 Flash Friday presented us with this picture









 and gave us the following parameters.

- Include a statistician OR include an optimist
- Today’s word count: 103 exactly

Trying to include both the statistician and the optimist, I came up with the original first line, "Gathered around the murky pit, we three: the optimist, the statistician, and me."

Enjoying the rhythm and the rhyme, I decided to write a a story in verse, something that has intrigued me of late. In short order I had "Pitfalls." 


Two days wandering in the desert.
Low on supplies.
Gathered around the murky pit, we three:
the optimist,
the statistician,
and me.

The optimist peered into the abyss.
"I'll bet there's water down there. If I jump just right, I'll miss
those rocks, and land with a graceful splash."

The statistician looked at him askance.
"Are you crazy? Do you really think you can chance
a foolhardy dive?
I calculate your odds of staying alive at—"

Two shoves with my boot.
One bone-crunching crash.
I now stood, alone.
"Oh look!
Two abandoned backpacks. 
Enough food and water to see me home."

Though it didn't win, it did earn a shout out: "Also to Michael Seese‘s “Pitfalls“ for an amusing story with its fun use of both dragon elements." (The "dragon elements" are including the statistician or the optimist.") 

Next: "Hidden."

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