Thursday, July 7, 2011

"The Daily Caffeine Stream"

Today, a poem.

     The Daily Caffeine Stream
     Starting the daily caffeine stream,
     Held hostage by a little bean,
     Plucked while green then roasted brown.
     Damn it! Hurry! Come on! Drip down!
     Fill my pot! Then my cup!
     I need this little pick-me-up
     On days like today. Slo-mo tick-tock.
     What? It's only 9:00?
     Four meetings down and more to come.
     I'd better brew another one.
     Oh, Juan Valdez, what have you done?
     You're more than habit. You're religion.

My poetry muse is very fickle. Erato seems to visit about every six months and stay for about two weeks. When she finally does go, I find about a dozen poems lying around.

Expect more in the days to come.


  1. I enjoyed this one - the first 6 lines would be very good copywriting for an advertising firm.

    Was let down by the last line, though! There is no universe (well, OK, maybe one, in an extremely branched out multiverse) where 'religion' rhymes, or goes well, with 'done'. That was naughty.

  2. Just of these days I'll show you how I rhyme "orange" with "door hinge."