Friday, July 8, 2011

"When I Fell From The Sky"

     When I Fell From The Sky
     When I fell from the sky
     I closed my eyes,
     And simply let my life pass by.
     The good,
     The bad,
     The in-between.
     Would I wake up?
     Was it a dream?
     I was light.
     A shiny plane?
     A kite?
     No wait...a drop of rain!
     River to shore.
     A cup scooped up and carried to pour
     And quench the thirst of a fledgling tree.
     To leaf,
     To Earth,
     Then back to sea.
     To sky,
     To cloud.
     Then plunge.
     I rose once more then fell awake.

Like I said, the muse is in the house. The meter of this poem is basically the same as yesterday's. Perhaps she'll change things up tomorrow.

I conceived of this song while listening to "Let Me On Out" from the Raveonettes Raven In The Grave. (BTW, great album. I think I'll talk about it in a future post.) Sometimes when I listen to a song, I hear other words. Not in the delusional, schizophrenic sense, of course. My mind just goes off on little journey and crafts something similar.  In this case, the lyric was "And how we fell apart." So "how" became "when" and "apart" became "the sky." Not exactly a long journey. Also, the song "Forget You're Young," from the same album, has the lyric, "Can I fall away now?" which led me to the final words of the poem.

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