Sunday, July 31, 2011

Udopia Update

Obsessive word counts, part two...

A while back, I mentioned my current novella-in-progress, Udopia. Later, I posted my word counts for the week of 7/18 - 7/22, which saw me log 4,400 words. The week that just concluded was a pretty good one, too.

I started with 24,055 words. Here are the daily counts.

7/25/2011    25,439
7/26/2011    26,157
7/27/2011    27,230
7/28/2011    28,332
7/29/2011    29,119

So that's 3,680 for the week, and just shy of 11,000 since July 13. That's progress. In fact, I suspect that I may "finish" either this week, or early next week. Of course, by "finish," I mean completing the linear progress, getting from the beginning to the end (which was written months ago). It's no where near the point where another person can look at it and judge it. I have too many "verbal post-its" to take care of.

But I will. And I believe I will make my September 15 deadline

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