Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Blues In This Town

One of the blogs that I follow is that of literary agent Janet Reid. In addition to being a good resource for writers, it's a lot of fun. Under the category of "fun," she periodically runs a contest. Write a short story, using five specified words, in under 100 words. The latter is the challenge.

She posted just such a contest yesterday. Here are the words:


Here is my entry:

We stepped onto the empty stage. The echo of our footsteps suggested a beat. I sang: "When you put your arms around me. I get a fever that's so hard to bear..."


“True that.”

Men of few words, T-Bone and Jelly Roll let their music speak for them. Tonight would be special. If only…

Backstage before the gig, we heard the knock on the door. Two men flashed badges. “Come quietly,” said one. We knew we were busted. Later, in court, we pleaded ignorance. The judge was not swayed. “You’re in Giggleswick, Massachusetts. You can’t play the blues here.”

Sorry for the late notice, but if you want to play, the contest is open until noon TOMORROW.

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