Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Music Fest, Part 2

So to continue my story...

The Century Inn is a magnificent place. As the sign out front says

it has been in operation since 1794, and was a "popular stop for stage coaches and waggoners." As an aside, this sign was damaged a few years ago; our friend Dave rebuilt and carefully repainted it.

It's no exaggeration to say that every time I go there, I am amazed to think about the history of the building and grounds...how many people have walked through its halls and over its lawns.

The original building (I have a picture of the front in my previous post) is a three-story stone structure. There was an addition put on at some point. I'm not sure when; I'll have to ask Megin some time.

Inside, when you walk from the old section to the new, you pass over an old stone threshold. Take a look at it:

You can clearly see it's scalloped, no doubt the result of centuries' worth of boots scraping on it.

The walls are covered with period art. In our room, was this:

Though it's a little hard to see, among the words stitched on it you can read, "Cynthia Barr was born May 21 1770," and "Cynthia Barr is my Name & with my needle wrought." The date on it reads March 8, 1786.

I don't care whether or not you're a history buff. The Century Inn is just a breathtaking place to visit. I'm fortunate to have lucked into a group of friends who found it for me. Otherwise, I might never have experienced it.

I can envision that some day, some piece of this time capsule of American history will find its way into a poem, story, or novel that I write.

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