Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why Write Part 2

In the newspaper the other day, there was an article about actor / comedian Steve Carrell. One of the questions asked of him was when did he feel he had "made it." His answer had nothing to do with "The Office" or the "40 Year-Old Virgin."

He said he felt he had "made it" when he was able to stop waiting tables and other odd jobs, and just be an actor. I think I feel the same way about writing. Sure, it would be great to sign a multi-book, multi-million-dollar contract with a major publisher, and then have it made into a move starring Johnny Depp. (As long as I'm dreaming...)

But really, if I could earn enough writing to do only that, I would be happy. Well, happier; I'm pretty happy now. I would be able to meet the school bus every day. My wife and I wouldn't have to play rock-paper-scissors when one of the kids wakes up coughing. And I could even play hooky occasionally and just relax...or, pull out the "honey-do" list and get to work.

Whatever. It's still a goal.

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