Friday, December 2, 2011

Castle: "Kill Shot"

I apologize for the late summary of last week's (11/21) episode of "Castle." It sat in the DVR for a while. Busy, busy.

This was one of the better installments of late. I mentioned last time that I was somewhat disappointed with the Atlantic City episode. Though I cited the fact that it was outside of NYC -- which I consider to be a character unto itself -- the main problem was the lack of Castle-Beckett interaction, which I think really drives the show.

This one didn't have as much Castle as usual, since the focus was on Beckett. Therefore, there was not much interplay this time, either. But it still worked. She was great. I thought the scene where Esposito takes her into the evidence room and shows her the rifle that was used to shoot her was terrific. It was good to have them interact, and connect. As I've said in the past, too often a show becomes the star(s) and spare parts. I like to see Ryan and Esposito given some real substance to work with. Then, they closed the loop by (SPOILER!) having Esposito take out the sniper.

And they gave "Counselor Worf" an expanded role...enough to actually merit including him in the title sequence. I've been amused on occasion in the past when I see the name "Michael Dorn" at the beginning, and then he's in the show for literally 30 seconds at the end.

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