Friday, December 23, 2011

'Tis The Season

I enjoy creative TV commercials, which I get to see...about once a week, since I only watch one show a week.

Christmas commercials can be hit or miss. For example, a long-running ad which always has gotten on my nerves is the Lexus Christmas series. You know, the ones where a husband or wife leads his or her spouse outside and shows off the new car with the big red bow on it.  I always thought the tagline should have been, "Lexus. For those of you who are so @$%&! rich that you can spend $40,000 without consulting your wife."

But the other day, I saw a Best Buy commercial that I love! Apparently, it's part of a series. If I watched more TV, I might know that.

But for your enjoyment, I bring you the Verizon / Best Guy "Game On, Santa."

Personally speaking, I adore her snort-laugh at the end. And how can you not love a line like, "Better luck next year, ELF BOY."

Have you found a great Christmas (or other) commercial? If so, post a link in a comment.

Ho ho ho!

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