Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I took a little time today to take care of a few "administrative" details regarding my books.

In a recent blog, agent Rachelle Gardner said:
I’ve heard from several sources that Barnes & Noble is paying attention to authors’ blogs and websites, and specifically, they’re interested in which links you include so that people can click through to buy your book. If you are linking only to Amazon, Barnes & Noble may choose not to carry your book.
I thought, "Haunting Valley isn't available on But I've been meaning to make it a Nook book." So I took care of that. Here is a link to it, should you want it for your Nook. (It makes a great Christmas gift.)

I also updated the "Fiction Stuff" page of my blog site to include the aforementioned URL. And while I was at it, I also added the URLs for Scrappy Information Security and Scrappy BCP on B&N, as well as their links on Books-a-Million -- which is another book-selling site that Rachelle recommended -- to my "Nonfiction Stuff" page.

Switching gears a little, I added myself as an author on Goodreads. So I now can be "liked" in a whole new place. Or, not liked, I suppose.

Sometimes, you have to do the little stuff in order to make a career of the big stuff.

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