Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Got The Best Form Letter Today

No, really. I did.

I gave my wife an iPhone for Christmas. Today, one of the oh-so-friendly computers at AT&T sent me the following:

It's too bad that they didn't include one of those self-addressed, pre-paid envelopes to send something back. If they had, I would have sent them this:
Dear AT&T --

Thank you so much for your recent letter! I really am pleased with my 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010001OK. I gave it to my wife for Christmas, and was she ever surprised. I think her exact words were, "Oh my god! You gave me a 1403DDYNNNONETOUCH 00010001OK. I've always wanted a 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010001OK!" (Technically she didn't always want one, as they haven't always existed. But you get the point.)

To be honest, I had wondered whether I should get her the 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010001OK or the 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010002OK. The 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010001OK has a lot of functionality, but the 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010002OK has very nice lines. Consumer Reports gave good reviews to both. But I spoke with some friends, and those who have the 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010002OK said it tends to have technical issues. So we settled on the 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010001OK.

I have to say, I'm really looking forward to the release of the 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010003OK. I hear it's a "game changer." But for now, we are enjoying our 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010001OK.

A satisfied 1403DRYNNNONETOUCH 00010001OK Customer

If only...

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