Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Castle: "Dial M For Mayor"

What an intense episode! It was dark, moody, and featured a little more tension than usual between Castle and Beckett. I thought that they very effectively heightened the mood with several tight shots--as in, the camera was so close that it lopped off the top of the actors' heads--at key points: when Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan were discussing the evidence against the Mayor, and later when they were interrogating Jordan.

They also employed good lighting, specifically, the use of shadows when Castle met with his "Deepthroat." Obviously, Deepthroat would want to be in the shadows, to obscure his face. But in a real-world scenario, he would have wanted to have Castle standing in bright sunlight. However, the director chose to have them both partially lit. I'm not complaining; I'm just commenting on the effect.

The plot was clever. I, along with the characters, really did wonder why Laura would give up her good job and (ostensibly) comfortable lifestyle for a walk on the seedy side. I thought the reason they provided was believable. It was a really cool "a-ha" moment. (Note to my wife: Don't worry honey, I'm not planning any similar exercises in "method writing.")

I liked the fact that they didn't solve the murder and give us the comfort of closure, like they did before in the episode 3XK. As was the case with that one, this plot line probably will rear its head again in the future. Whether or not they resolve it...

I thought that having Castle and the Mayor shoot the breeze over whiskey at the end was a nice touch. It reminded me of the falling action scene of every episode of Boston Legal, with James Spader and William Shatner sitting on the balcony, drinking and smoking cigars, and recounting their day, or discussing life in general. (I must say, I was glad that Castle didn't look at the Mayor and say, "Sleepover?") As I've said in previous posts, while the interplay between Castle and Beckett is what drives the show, it's nice to let each character have some "me" time. I don't recall seeing any instances of Castle's famous-author poker night this season. So this one-on-one was a good break.

I caught three movie references: Good Will Hunting, An Officer And A Gentleman, and (of course) the title.

And finally, no review of Castle would be complete without my comment about "the looks." The best, hands down, had to be Beckett's expression when, at Dial-A-Goddess, she heard the grandma moaning, "Oh yeah, oh yeah."

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