Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dear Diary

If you've been keeping up with this blog, you know that I've been doing some flash fiction lately. I described my entry of 3/13 as stream of conscience writing exercise. As I typed that, I recalled that I used that same term when I wrote my first book, Dear Diary, a few years back.

Drawing on my experience when I worked for NASA, I crafted a strange, silly, bizarre, twisting tale of an ordinary schlub who decides to leave his bland midwestern existence for the excitement of New York City. He gets a do-nothing job with an obscure government agency, and the fun begins.

(This is one of Ted's drawings, "Ascared Face," which goes on display at the Guggenheim Museum on October 17.)

Obviously, I'm biased, but I enjoy the book. Even today, when I read it, some portions make me laugh out loud. 

I had created a Kindle version of it a year or so ago. I had it priced at $9.99. And it sold copies. Of course that number pretty much matches my advertising budget and effort.

But all that has changed!

- I created a version for the Barnes & Noble reader, and put it for sale on
- I lowered the price to $2.99!!!

So if you have $2.99 that ain't doing nothing, please check it out. And if you're an Amazon Prime member -- which I think means you're cousins with Optimus Prime -- it's free.  Therefore, those of you who are Amazon Primes have no excuse.

Other than time...

And taste...

And dignity.

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