Sunday, April 1, 2012

Castle: "47 Seconds"

IMHO, this week's episode of "Castle" served primarily to forward the Castle-Beckett relationship story arc. Look no further than the fact that at the end of the previous week's show, the previews focused on that ("I remembered every detail!" "She remembered?"), and at the end of "47 Seconds," the previews for "The Limey" showed Beckett and Lanie talking about "them" as well. That's OK. Characters need grow and change to stay interesting.

I'm sure a lot of folks felt this would be "it." But of course, you knew that when Castle sat down to tell Beckett exactly how he felt, something would interrupt.

I thought this was a fairly dark episode. There wasn't much levity. Perhaps the funniest exchange occurred when Castle said that he thinks the Captain is "starting to like me" and she replied, "No, I'm not."

I was happy to see the return of  West Side Wally ("You know I prefer West Side"). I like recurring characters like that.

And there were very few "looks." In fact, no humorous glances come mind. Beckett smiled appreciatively when she saw Castle leading Alexis out. And you could see a smidge of confusion / realization crossing Becket's face when they were interrogating the TV reporter, and Castle made reference to lies. But other than that...

Speaking of which, in terms of solving the crime, this episode reminded me of a previous one, "Til Death Do Us Part." There were a lot of leads. Some seemed ironclad (primarily Andrew Haynes, the anti-protester). But then in the last five minutes Castle does a lightning-speed recap of the facts, which leads to a suspect who hadn't even been on the radar.

Let's see what tomorrow's show brings.

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