Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poetree: "Petal Snow"

This is the view out my office window.




Seeing the bevy of white gave me an idea for some poetree.

In case you'd forgotten -- or are a new friend to this space -- while driving last fall I saw an interesting tree, one which reminded me of a skeleton hand reaching from the dirt to the sky. What a great poem that would be, I thought.

And so was born the concept of "poetree."

The idea was to start with an image of a tree, and then craft the verse around it, rather than vice versa. My first complete (picture + words) was "Fire." The next was "All In The Name Of Regress." "Skeleton Hands" is still in progress.

The collection now includes "Petal Snow." Enjoy.

Petal Snow



Waving naked in a wintry row, the sakura conceal their petal snow.
Clear, sweet milk to help them grow, the sakura nurture the petal snow.
When Nature says, “Commence the show,” the sakura explode with petal snow.
Despite the harsh March winds which blow, the sakura clutch their petal snow.
A bed of lush green grass below, the sakura prepare the petal snow.
And only when they decide to let go do the sakura shed their petal snow.

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  1. I think that poetry and photos work perfectly together! ^_^ And I like poetree!

    Let me have a think about it (mainly because I'm running lots of projects as it is) and we can add this to the mix at some point. In any case, I am planing to 'open grim5next' to other project-lovers and see what we can create together. :)