Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If At First...Again

By Michael Seese

In a previous post, I recounted some wins and some losses. One of the losses was my poem "Love Is Not..." which I had submitted to Cleveland radio station WCLV as part of their Valentine poetry contest. It didn't even place in the top 10.

Undaunted, I submitted it in March to Forward Poetry (in the UK) for their Aspects Of Love compilation.

And it has been accepted!

Since you might not be in the mood to order a book of poetry from across the pond (though I'm not going to stop you) here it is:

Love Is Not ...
Love is not
Kind nor true,
Blind nor blue,
Breathless nor endless,
Fair nor doux.

It is not
All you need,
Sown as a seed,
Nor a banquet on which we feed.

It does not
Make you complete,
Nor make your heart beat.

But when love can give and bend, be strong and heal,
Those are the words which make love real.

The book should be out by October.

To quote Galaxy Quest, "Never give up. Never surrender."

So when did you never give up, or never surrender, and come out on top? Feel free to share.

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