Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Like I Was Saying...

by Michael Seese

I actually started this entry in February. In the middle of that month, I wrote a post which gushed with optimism. Good things were just around the corner. I knew it, because my gut told me. As it turned out, I did get a few small "wins," and one pretty good bit of news: my short story, "Worm Herding" was going to be published in the collection BUGS! by Pill Hill Press. If you watch this space, you know that the book is now available on Amazon. It's also a Goodreads giveaway until July 1.

Though I didn't get everything I said I "wanted" in that previous post -- in fact, I had more rejections than acceptances -- I remained optimistic. In fact, I said, quote:

I kept hoping that I would get more good news which I could share.


And, like before, I feel good about this coming week. More good stuff is on the way. I know it.

Well, wouldn't you know it...

On Friday of that week, I got home from work, checked my email and learned that my poem "The Daily Caffeine Stream" had been accepted by Medusa's Laugh Press. This actually seems like a cool project. They're publishing a collection of poetry called the Overplay/Underdone poetry anthology. In a nutshell, they're printing a book of multi-layered poems which become 3-D works of art. It's kind of hard to describe. Here is a link to their site, showing pictures. They expect it to be out in December.

But more good things were just around the corner, which is why I sat on this entry.

And I sat.

And sat.

And sat.

I'm still waiting for the "home run." But, tomorrow I plan to send out three queries with the new and improved Nightmares. So keep your fingers crossed.

And I've gotten a few rejections. For example, the folks at Pill Hill said "no" to my short story "Tinkerhell." Of course, I'm still shopping it.

But in addition to the Medusa victory, I feel it's time to report:

- My short story "Never Mind The Nonsense, Here’s The Sex Truncheons" has been accepted by May December Publications for their A Clockwork Orchard: Rivets & Rain compilation, and
- My short story "Night Of The Laughing Dead" has been accepted by The Apocryphile Press for their upcoming short horror fiction collection.

The point is, keep believing. Keep trying. Always keep trying. Good things are just around the corner.

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