Friday, July 27, 2012


By Michael Seese

Without super-agent Janet Reid and her 100-word contests, I might completely forget about writing flash fiction. But, she periodically whacks her followers on the head with a new one. 

Today, in honor of a book deal for deal for Sam Garton, author and illustrator of the Otter picture books...

The words:

- Otter
- Toast
- Fan
- Bouncing
- Trap

Here is my entry, "The Hunted"

There I dangled, bouncing up and down. At least I had the piece of toast clenched between my teeth. A small consolation prize. But I was hungry. If only I had some marmalade.

I was in a jam. The hunter, now the hunted.

I wondered what was to be my fate. A hat? A throw rug? Or just a grotesque trophy hanging on some den wall?

If I had paid more attention in Latin class, I would have understood One-Eyed Pete’s warning: Cosi fan mustelidae. "Thus do all otters."

Who knew the little buggers could set their own traps?

Feel free to share your thoughts on "The Hunted," or Janet Reid, or otters, I suppose.

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