Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hats Off To David Pogue

By Michael Seese

I don't often write blog entries which sing the praises of other people's "stuff." But when it's deserved, I make an exception. This is just such an exception...

You may or may not have heard of David Pogue. He's a New York Times columnist who writes about tech: email, iPads, cameras, The Cloud, you name it.

One of his recent posts was titled "How to Propose the Pogue Way." 

You can read the whole description by clicking on the above link. But in a nutshell, he created fake movie trailer that started out like any other romantic-comedy preview, but gradually revealed itself to be a thinly veiled version of their love story. He then persuaded the movie theater at a summer resort to slip it in among the real movie previews, on a night when both his and her families were in the audience.

It's amazing. You have to watch it!

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