Friday, October 12, 2012

Funny Foto #33

By Michael Seese

This one is not so much ha-ha funny as it is amusing to me.

One of the daily e-newsletters that I receive comes from the ABA which, in this case, is the American Bankers' Association.

Wednesday, as I paged down, I saw this:

I thought, Hey, that looks like Chagrin Falls, which is where I live. Only it's not quite right.

You see, if you were walking from our house and through town, the buildings on Main Street are on your left, while those on South Franklin are on the right. And, the last building on South Franklin doesn't look like the last building shown above. But that building does look like the Key Bank, which is on the opposite...


I clicked on the link, and saw the full image. 

If you look at the way the cars are parked and driving, either this is England, or a flopped picture.

It is flopped. And it is Chagrin Falls.

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