Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Castle: "Secret's Safe with Me"

By Michael Seese

I hate being more than a week behind in my Castle-watching. If I had known that kids would get in the way ...

I could write this show! Midway through -- when Castle and Beckett went back to Anjelica's to confront her about the insurance fraud -- I said out loud, "The butler did it." And I was right! Castle was even gracious enough to use my exact words. Then, when they went to commercial I said, "Why commit the fraud? Just sell the $4 million bracelet for $4 million, and pay off your debts." And when they returned, what did Beckett ask Anjelica?

Overall, though, this was a mixed episode. There were a lot of good points. The homage to "Da Vinci Code" was a great way to start. 

In my writing, I enjoy throwing in pop culture references. (Did I mention I could have written this one?) 
I thought it was hilarious when Captain Gates turned into a giddy child when she saw the "Gemini" doll, and then became a fawning fan of Castle, the author. And I love the quirky characters they throw in. Last week, it was the makeup artists; this week, it was the you-store-it owner who looked at the victim's picture and said, really drolly, "She was a lot less bloody when I saw her."

My primary complaint was the plethora of plot implausibilities, some bordering on deux ex machina. Castle and Beckett wanted the contents of storage unit 317. A lot. Obviously, so did Felix. A lot. They didn't think to question him right then? Really? Wendell was able to take a photo of an artificial eye fragment and actually find the owner? Really? And then poor Wendell just happened to use the subway station which happened to have out-of-order cameras, allowing Kirby the butler to shove him in front of the train? Oh, and no one standing on the platform saw it? Really?

Oh well.

As always, much of the dialog had me in stitches.

Castle: "I learned so much," in reference to the time he and Alexis had "the talk."

Castle: "Mother used her Jedi mind tricks on me." (See pop culture reference comment above.)

Lanie: "Oh, you are in trouble." (After Beckett busted him rummaging through her desk.)
Castle: "I'm not in trouble." (Hangs up.)

Castle: "I'm a best-selling author. Why wouldn't I have two grand in my pocket?"

Castle: "I think my hand's getting sweaty."
Beckett: "I know. It's kind of gross."

And the capper, which was 50% a "look."

Beckett: "Take your hand off your tool."
Ryan & Esposito: (snicker)
Beckett: "Shut up."

My other favorite look was Castle's raised eyebrow when Beckett did not disavow her "kinky past."

Hopefully we will get to "Murder He Wrote"(I think that's next) sooner than next Tuesday night. 

PS: You'll notice I added some photos...thumbs up or thumbs down?


  1. I saw your comment on Rachel Gardner's blog about only having 20 followers, so I thought I would be #21. I don't have that many either (and I've been doing this almost 3 years!).

    I love Castle and the dialogue you posted here! Pictures were good, too, so thumbs up!

  2. Stacy --

    I appreciate the kind words, as well as the follow. I have returned the favor.

    My review of the Castle episode "Murder He Wrote" will be posted tonight.