Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy In Chagrin Falls

By Michael Seese 

First, let me state that I absolutely recognize what we in Chagrin Falls experienced was nothing compared to what the folks along the East Coast went through. In fact, we didn't even lose power, which is amazing; our power grid is so old and temperamental that if three kids fly kites in the park, it creates enough breeze to down some electrical wires.

Anyway, here is what the Falls normally look like:

Here are some photos I took today.

This is the water running over the dam just upstream from the Falls, which the "cone-lickers" often mistake for the Falls.


How was your Sandy experience? Do you have any stories to share?


  1. Here in Chicago we didn't get any storms, but those pictures look insane,

    1. As I mentioned, where we live (20 miles SE of Cleveland) didn't get "hit" at all. We had rain. But I saw only about two downed trees. But the poor news reporters who drew the short straw and had to broadcast from the Lake Erie shore last night were absolutely pummeled.

  2. We got rain and snow (not like WV - and it was gone by lunch) and lots of wind, but I think it was windier when Ike came through (we lost power then). I'll be happy to see the sun, though. I wonder when it'll get here.