Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Win For The Little Guy

By Michael Seese

I guess I'm just in a pissy mood this week with regard to news from the world of infosec and privacy...

One of my daily e-newsletters contained this link to an article about analytics company KISSmetrics and their use of supercookies to track online behavior. Cookies, as we all probably know by now, a small text files that web sites place on our computers. In many cases, they are necessary; without them, for example, you would have to re-enter your credentials on every page of your online banking site. But all browsers allow you to control cookies. Supercookies, as the article notes, track people online without first notifying them and giving them a choice.

What ticked me off about the article was this passage:

The company also will pay $2,500 each to the consumers who sued -- John Kim and Dan Schutzman -- and around $500,000 to the attorneys who brought the case, according to court papers filed on Thursday.  

Sure...give the wronged parties a few thousand, and give the lawyers 200 times that!

I should have gone to law school!

Feel free to share your thoughts (of outrage).


  1. That's insanity. And I've come over and followed you from Rachelle's post :) I hope you're gaining steam in your blog!

    1. SC --

      I did notice that you had joined, and I really do appreciate it. Back at you. (Joining, that is.)