Monday, March 25, 2013

Castle: Scared To Death

By Michael Seese

Kids have Scooby Doo. Grown-ups have Castle episodes like "Scared To Death." Like "Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind" and "Undead Again," you knew that no supernatural forces were at work. Still, you wanted to go along for the ride, to see whatdunit, I mean, whodunit. The major difference is that in those episodes, Castle wanted his out-of-this-world explanation to be the answer. This time, he was (if you'll excuse the obvious homage) scared to death that he was right.

Since Scared To Death was a horror episode, the writers made sure to serve up all the right slasher film cliches:

- The creepy clerk at the Brunswick Inn. (My wife opined that he was Nigel's half brother, and the murderer. Not correct. But still, a good guess.)
- The brother in the insane asylum.
- The cabin in the woods.
- The unknown person in the bushes watching Castle and Beckett as they approached the cabin.

Oh, and kudos to me... When Leopold how he could have sent DVDs to Val or "the other witness," I thought (and Castle said), "We never said anything about the other witness."

Even though Castle was shaking in his shoes, he (and others) managed to get in some good lines.

Castle: "Based on the fact that she looks like an Edvard Munch painting."

Beckett: "Find anything yet?"
Castle: "Yes, a closet with more stilettos than yours."

M.E. Perlmutter: "Detective Beckett. And defective Castle."

Beckett: "You want me to outlive you?"
Castle: "Yes, who else will tell my tale of heroic sacrifice?"

Wes Craven (nice cameo, by the way): "So you call me up in the middle of the night to join my fan club?"
Castle: "Ha ha. No."

And the looks:

- Castle's lip actually quivering when he said, "I'm next."
- Castle's and Beckett's glances as they watched the DVD together.
- Beckett's overall barely contained laughter as she tried to cajole Castle into (perhaps) their final amorous encounter, and then her smirk as he walked into the standpipe.
- Finally, at the very end, as Castle counted down to "his" midnight. "Three, two..." Smile.

I must concede that I have a few complaints:

- I can understand why they had nurse Lockhart out at the cabin. Some plot device was needed to draw Beckett outside, leaving Castle and Heller alone inside. But doing it to prove the innocence of Leopold...really?
- Along those lines, she dug up Nigel's grave...really?
- By the way, how did she and Amanda know that Heller would be up there? Sure, it could have been (limited) public knowledge that he owned the cabin. But it's a big logical jump to think he'd abandon the relative safety of New York City to venture out there alone.

- Oh, and a defibrillator wouldn't leave any mark?

Oh well. It was still a good ride. And I'm looking forward to "The Wild Rover" tonight. 

In the world of Castle, DVD stands for "Deadly Video Disc."  Click to tweet.


  1. It wasn't a taser. It was a defibulator (sp?). Those shocky things doctors use to restart a heart. Do those leave marks on patients? Hmmm... You would have thought they could determine death by electrocution.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. Normally I double-check those things, but we took a mini-vacation and I wanted to get it posted before the new episode.

      I will correct it.