Monday, May 6, 2013

Castle: Still

By Michael Seese

"Still" pretty much was what I expected. "I'm going to die, so let's talk about the good times." Of course since Richard Castle was involved, "the good times" would have to wait...

Beckett: "Castle, I'm going to be fine. I feel fine."
Castle: "That would be great if you were a reliable judge of your own feelings, which clearly you're not."
Beckett: "What does that mean?"
Castle: "I'm sorry. Exhibit A. According to you, you felt nothing for me when we first met, which we both--"
Beckett: "Are you out... Oh, I get it. I know what you're doing."
Castle: "What?"
Beckett: "You know, Castle? Forget it? I'm not going down that path. You can just leave now."
Castle: "Fine. I'll leave. If you admit to me that you had feelings for me when we first met."
Beckett: "Fine. I did have feelings for you when we first met. I couldn't stand you."

(Yes, it took quite a while to get all of that written down.)

Since I didn't start watching Castle until the third season, or thereabouts, it was nice to see scenes from some of the older episodes. (Not to mention Beckett's "array of hair styles over the years.")

Still, there were a lot of nice touches wholly or partially in "the present."

I think my favorite bit came after they had recounted their near-death adventures (though they somehow forgot the nuclear bomb episode) and Castle said, "You're forgetting the scariest of them all." Then they showed the scene where Martha nearly caught them in flagrante delicto after their first night together.

My second favorite was blaring Billy Squier's The Stroke to lead into the "hot outfit" flashbacks. 

I thought Castle's motivational speech to Beckett was excellent, if not short.

And in the past, the number of times that Castle and Beckett said the same thing, together, was mind-boggling.

Back to the lines:

Beckett: "You said you had a chapter due."
Castle: "Yes, which is writer-speak for all procrastination welcome."

Castle: "What about the old Indiana Jones bag of sand golden idol trick?"

Castle: "I'll admit I found you...not unattractive." 

Beckett: "I can't help it if you get off by putting things in my mouth."

The best look was Castle's slight pout when Beckett ran off without drinking his coffee. "Did you see the hearts? Took me like, six minutes."

Though I'll give extra points for an oldie: Castle's raised eyebrows when Beckett said, "Look, please put this thing in and get it over with."

Picky comment: I am not a policeman. But if I had cornered a bombing suspect -- a bombing suspect who the previous night set off an explosion which leveled  a building -- and he reached into his pocket, pulled out an electronic box and started punching they they say, "Shoot first and ask questions later."

And did I miss something, or did Beckett never tell Castle "the thing," that is, the thing she needed for him to do, rather than sit with her and get blown up?

Please share your thoughts.

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  1. The "thing" she needed him to do was LEAVE. (And he did for a bit) So I guess you DID miss something.

    I'm surprised you haven't rented the series from the library for the first two seasons. They're what hooked me!

  2. I started watching Castle mid-season 3. I did a major marathon when TNT started doing them from Season1 on...because I just HAD to know what happened to the Chief! and boy, I was not disappointed! WOW! I love this! And I loved STILL! For the season finale, I was really, REALLY, expecting Richard to do what he did at the end. :) His mom sure is a good guide! I hope I can be that way for my son!

    1. We haven't seen the season finale yet. We got halfway through the second-to-last on Saturday. Perhaps in the next day or two...