Saturday, July 20, 2013

A New Man

By Michael Seese

Agent Janet Reid is at it again. To celebrate Mike Cooper's FULL RATCHET, she sponsored another 100-word contest. The keywords: 


Here is my entry, "A New Man."

I stared down at the claw cobbled onto my wrist, where my hand used to be. I flexed it gingerly. It would serve me well.

“Has anyone ever said you look like Nurse Ratchet?” I quipped.

“Funny,” the doctor mumbled. “This may hurt.”

“It all hurts.”

What did I expect? I had opted for the full transformation. No turning back now.

Cooped up in this laboratory for the past six months, I felt ready to try out my new personal weaponry. Those who had brought me here – against my will – would make ideal test subjects.

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