Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Eiffel Update

By Michael Seese

First, the commercial. 

I will be signing copies of The Secret World Of Gustave Eiffel this weekend. Of course, I'll gladly sign any copy of any of my books. Heck, I'll sign your copy of Harry Potter, if you want. The signing will be Saturday, July 27 from noon - 2:00 at the Fireside Bookshop in Chagrin Falls. If you're in the Cleveland area, and free, please stop by.


On to the contest...

I visited the website of the American Library in Paris. According to a PDF you can download, there are 45 books in the competition. The document also notes that "two have already won a Pulitzer Prize this year."


Let's just say that, while winning remains the goal, placing or showing won't be bad.

Come see "Eiffel" in Chagrin Falls. Click to tweet.


  1. So how did you get this opportunity? Is the bookstore selling your books?

    You also have pretty good odds in the competition. 45 books aren't that many. Of course, those two Pulitzer Prize winners might make it harder for anyone else to win! Ah, but stranger things have happened. Good luck!

    1. In a word, yes. I have a good relationship with the owner of the store. He published my first book, "Haunting Valley." I approached him about serving as the publisher of "Eiffel," as well. The first, he bankrolled. "Eiffel" is out of my pocket.

      Anyway, he "purchased" ten copies, at 60%, on credit, if you will. Meaning, he'll pay me when they sell. So a few weeks ago, he called and suggested we get going on the book signing.

      So here we are.

      Does that answer your question?

    2. Yes it does. That's nice he's doing that for you. Good luck! If I lived closer, I'd come on over! :)