Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In My Hands, Part 1

By Michael Seese 

(I have no idea why the spacing came out so horribly.)

I meant to post this in late June. But my hand got a little messed up, as this NOT-FOR-THE-SQUEAMISH photo shows. Way back, I mentioned that my poem, "The Daily Caffeine Stream," had been accepted for the Overplay/Underdone compilation. The idea, per the folks at Medusa's Laugh Press, was to create "an anthology of poetry in the 3rd dimension." So that's what I (and my fellow poets) have done.

Here is the cover.


Yes, I think it's real leather.

Here is my poem with a transparent covering page in place.



Then you lift that page to reveal:


Pretty nifty, huh?

I've read a few of the other poems. One I'm particularly looking forward to studying is by Elliott batTzedek, and titled, "The Rebbe's Synecdoche." It has two columns of words, which the reader connects with different colored strings.

Overplay/Underdone is not yet available on Amazon. But you can order it directly from the folks at Medusa's Laugh Press.

I think it's REAL leather. Click to tweet.