Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Castle: Watershed

By Michael Seese

So we FINALLY got around to watching the season finale of Castle. (Cut me some slack...I had to get "Eiffel" to Paris, then we went to Florida, then there was T-ball, and finally, I mangled my thumb last week.) And after all that, I thought "Watershed" was...

Just OK.

I suppose my main problem stemmed from what I perceived to be "faux" drama. In the previews, they showed the scene where Castle discovers Beckett's airplane boarding pass, and she confesses that she flew to D.C. for the interview. "If you take this job, that's the end of our relationship," he sniffs.

Excuse me? You, Richard Castle, write for a living. The last time I checked, there are authors living in the nation's capital. Or, if you don't want to relocate, fly out on Wednesday, stay a few days, then fly her back to New York for the weekend. Heck, you're amazingly rich...fly down every morning, and back to New York at night. The point being, people DO make long-distance relationships work. Admittedly, as my wife pointed out, it would end their working partnership. But still, I thought he was a little too much the drama queen. (The fact that Beckett violated his trust by not telling him...that's another issue.)

I recognized (did you??) that they ended the episode sitting on a swing set, just as Beckett did at end of last year's season finale. Just in case you didn't (by some weird chance) watch it yet, I won't say / spoil anything, other than to admit that the ending caught us both off-guard. It will be interesting to see how they resolve it. Though I had worried that "Always" represented the beginning of the end (a Jump The Shark moment), I thought this season was pretty strong. But once again I am concerned...

On the whole, there wasn't a lot of humor in this episode. I thought the best (and to be honest, only) noteworthy line was:

Esposito: "Crystal Sky. That name's so fake, it sounds like something out of your book."

So what did you think of "Watershed?" Share your thoughts, if you still remember.

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