Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Castle: Dreamworld

By Michael Seese

SPOILER! Next week, the show is still called "Castle." So draw your own conclusions regarding the fate of Richard Edgar Alexander Rogers Castle.

OK, snideness aside, we all knew Castle wouldn't die. So the suspense came from seeing how Beckett would save him. In my opinion, "Dreamworld" didn't disappoint. Much like many of the best episodes (real spoiler), the killer was introduced reasonably early on, but was a non-suspect until the last five minutes. 

I thought the scene (shown in the picture) was especially well acted. Castle's measured tones in speaking with his mother and daughter nicely conveyed the character's fears.

As as a writer, I appreciated the deft touch at the end.  They didn't have to show Beckett racing outside to administer the antidote. They faded to black with McCord pointing the gun at Parker, then faded back from black with Castle in the hospital.

Since this was a more serious episode (potential national calamity, potential main character death) it was light on the lines. Still, I picked out a few.

Beckett: "You should be resting."

Castle: "There's plenty of time for that...later."

Ryan (to Esposito): "You want to be a head coach? Try to get a date first."

Martha: "Nice and sincere. No smart-as quips. So something is definitely wrong."

Humorous aside: Since we watch it on DVR, I fast-forward through the commercials. During the first (for Mazda) I saw an antique photo zip by.

"I know that guy," I said to my wife. That's because it was Heinrich Hertz, who is a character in my novel The Secret World Of Gustave Eiffel. And the picture shown is the one from Wikipedia, where I got mine.

Next week's show will bring Beckett's new world to New York City. I think this will be a good thing. And if done right, I hope it happens again, for two reasons.

1. As I have mentioned before, I consider the city of New York to be a character, and an integral one. Several of my least-favorite episodes took place elsewhere.
2. Speaking of characters, in the first two episode this season Ryan and Esposito were reduced to bit players. If Beckett no longer serves the NYPD, their role has to be reduced. But they really add to the show, and I can't imagine the writers want to continue to minimize them.

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Dreamworld."
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  1. I saw foreshadowing in this episode. Kate likes to see things in black and white and the FBI doesn't always work that way. Plus...those actors playing the FBI characters are only GUEST STARRING. I predict Kate ends up going back to NYC and the homicide dept.

  2. Oh, by the way - have you heard anything regarding the contest you entered "The Secret World of Gustave Eiffel"?

    1. Actually, I'll think I'll mention it in Monday's post. But the short answer is, I didn't make the short list.