Thursday, November 28, 2013

Castle: "Disciple"

By Michael Seese

I'll say it up front: SPOILERS!

"Disciple" was the creepiest episode this season. And with a good underlying reason, which I'll go into later.

- The way the victims were hanged...CREEPY!
- The fact that the victims looked like Lanie and Esposito...CREEPY!
- The victims' milky eyes...REALLY CREEPY.
- The doctor...CREEPY!
- The murderer...CREEPY!

So, backing up to the creepies, the doctor, Kelly Nieman, just oozed cool creepiness, during the interview in her office, and especially during her interrogation at the station. 

(Picky aside #1... the aforementioned interview took place at night; it occurred at the same Ryan and Esposito entered the boat. Her office sure seemed to be busy, considering the late hour.)

Then, Matthews was the essence of just-barely contained psycho-creepiness during his interrogation. The way he drummed his fingers on the desk sent chills up my spine. And then, they capped off the scene with the line, "I'll need a pad of paper. Several pads, in fact."

And what was with the milk-eyes of the victims? I don't recall ever seeing corpses look like that (on the show). And they offered no explanation. (Picky aside #2... why did the faux-Lanie have a tattoo? In case the person running the police records room were to say, "Prove you're her. Let's see the ink.")

Back to lines...

Beckett: "I was hoping for something more romantic and less Hobbity."
Castle: "Why does everyone always think those two are mutually exclusive?"

Castle: "Can I say something that will probably annoy you?"
Beckett: "Since when do you ask for permission?"
Castle: "Touché"

Castle: "I love when you get angry, I mean at other people, not at me."

And probably the best look: Castle's crest-fall when Dr. Nieman said his face had "amazing... potential."
Kudos to my wife: she asked, if Matthews was the killer, why did he act shocked when he found the body of Pam / Lanie? I suppose it could have been "for show," in case anyone happened to be around. But that's a bit of a stretch. 

Kudos to me: I forget the exact leading line (and I'm too lazy to look it up, today), but when Castle opined that Matthews had help, I said aloud "3XK" literally one second before Beckett did as they walked through the police records room.

Kudos to me, again: I think I caught a gaffe. I could swear Beckett said, "It looks like our victims took files from 26 other cases." 

Question to you all: was there a significance to the song played at the end, "We'll Meet Again?" Or was it just the message 3XK delivered?

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Disciple."


  1. My husband thinks the song has to do with Beckett's mother. I'm not sure. Guess I'll just have to wait and find out. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I read that. But it turned out to be on a FanFic website. I'm not saying that means it isn't true. But it could have come from someone's imaginaton.