Thursday, January 16, 2014

Castle: Deep Cover

By Michael Seese

I loved "Deep Cover." I found it amazing that there could be so much humor (I filled my notes sheet with lines & looks halfway through) in so tense an episode. 


As I've said so many times that I won't bore you with referring to past blogs, you know they won't kill Castle or Beckett. But you don't know whether Castle's dad really is a good guy, or if the whispers about him turning are true...

I noticed that I used the word "neat" (as in neat-o) a lot as I took my notes.

The cell phone call from Jackson Hunt (assuming that's his real name), before Castle and Beckett meet with "Anderson Cross"... neat! The shots at Coney Island...neat! The scene with Castle and his dad, back to back on the park benches, having the "spy talk"...neat!

I also thought they concocted (at the end) a good explanation for / realization by Castle as to why his dad brought Rollins's body home... to put it in Beckett's jurisdiction. (Nitpick: The camera showed a gloved hand dialing the numbers. But it looked like a "regular" glove, not one which conducts bodily current through to the glass. OK, maybe they are special CIA-issue gloves. I'm just saying...)

Quick aside: in last week's review, I referenced the "IT Chick," and added, "I've got to find out her name." Per the IMDB entry of this week's Castle, the character is named Tory Ellis, and she is played by Maya Stojan.

Quick ... no make that "lengthy" aside: whenever my wife and I watch a medical show, she loves to point out any inaccuracies. The biggest one, one that EVERY medical show must have, is the scene where a person is flatlining, and they get out the paddles to "shock him back to life." You don't paddle a flatliner, she explained. You perform CPR. Anyway, I got one last night. When Castle said, "Tory found some unscrambled artifacts in the registry to a service set identifier," I replied "Pffft!" A service set identifier, or SSID, is the "name" a wireless router uses so it can be distinguished from others. So if you're visiting the House Of The Mouse, fire up your laptop, and see there is a connection available to "Disney Guest," that is the SSID. Or, in the case of this episode "KINGFISH" was an SSID. They might have found "artifacts" to the Iranian Mission's wi-fi; but not Universal Banking Solutions. Gotcha!

So on to my standard citations.

The whole opening scene was great, and a line-fest.

Castle: "How about we have a winter wedding?"
Beckett: "Didn't we say we wanted to do it outside?"
Castle: "Oh, right. Frostbite isn't very festive."

Martha: "A little unsolicited advice."
Castle: "Do you give another kind?"

A kudos line goes to Lanie: "The lividity indicates the body was moved." Lividity! Good word!

Beckett: "I wanted to be flexible."
Castle: "You already are flexible. Ha-ha. I can see where that..."
Esposito: "What's so funny?"
Castle: "Actually, did you know that Beckett can lift her arm--"
Beckett: "No. It's nothing. Hello. Nothing."
Castle: "I'll tell you later... No."

Castle: "It sounds like a case of Weekend At Bernie's gone wrong. No, wait. That would have to mean there is such a thing as Weekend At Bernie's gone right." 

Beckett: "Is it me, or does she [Ryan's baby] look a lot like Esposito?"
Ryan: "I expected that from Jackass. Not from you."

Lanie: "OK, you two creep me out when you do that shared brain thing."

Hunt: "Then all hell broke loose. But I'm good at hell." 

That's a lot of lines. And looks?

Beckett's bewilderment when Castle doesn't proffer a wild theory, but instead says, "We really don't have enough information to speculate at this point." 

And finally, I loved Beckett's giddy, school-girl look when Castle said, "Screw it. September."

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Deep Cover."

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  1. Yes! I agree about the glove. Heck, I can't even get my gloveless finger to work those stupid phones.

    But I do love this show. I watch it for the characters, not for the improbable stuff. Okay, maybe I watch it a little for the improbable stuff. Otherwise, it would be dull.