Thursday, January 9, 2014

Castle: Under Fire

By Michael Seese

Excellent, excellent episode.


As I have opined in one or two past entries (and probably more, but I was too lazy to look up another post) I often feel  that the episodes where Castle or Beckett face mortal danger sometimes lack tension, because we know the writers are not going to kill off either of them. But secondary characters, like Ryan and Esposito...

After all, Seamus Dever or Jon Huertas could want to leave the show. (Though probably not in mid-season.) Still, you can't rule it out.

For this reason, I thought "Under Fire" was simply great. Two best friends. At first, potentially incinerated. Then, alive but trapped. Finally, passed out after a tearful goodbye. Toss an in-labor, on-site Jenny into the mix, and you have some real emotions flying.

Quick aside: I just noticed that the actress who plays Jenny Ryan is named Juliana Dever. And according to IMDB, she has been married to Seamus Dever since May 27, 2006. Aw, how sweet.

Back to the show. As is the case with many shows or movies where the heroes are trapped in a seemingly impossible situation, you sort of assume things will turn out OK. The fun comes in wondering how -- and then seeing how -- they arrive at a satisfying conclusion. In this regard, "Under Fire" did not disappoint.

Quick aside 2: As I have mentioned previously (still too lazy to look it up) I appreciate episodes of any show where the focus is on someone other than the main character; it's nice to flesh out the supporting cast.

So we have Ryan and Espo trapped in the basement of the burning building. There is no way out, no way out, no way out. Then Castle has his flash of insight regarding the arsonist's escape plans. And the pieces fall into place.

I thought the way they filmed the arrest was really cool. The burning building visible in the cell phone-cam, which pans down to reveal Beckett, gun drawn. I also liked her kick-ass approach to getting Kimball to talk.

Also noteworthy was the creepy interview with serial arsonist Adam Ferguson. "He needs to feel the heat. Listen to the music." Brrrr. Chilling!

Overall, this one was low on the humor scale. My favorite line / exchange:

Ryan: "Rather than pick a name for my kid, you should pick a date for your wedding."
Castle: "Pick a date for my wedding? I was planning on bringing her."
Beckett: "Really. When is that? I might have plans."

A close second:

The IT Chick (I've got to find out her name): "Wow. OK, a site which caters to fire fetishists."

Beckett: "I didn't even know there was a fire fetish."
Castle: "The actual term is pyrophilia, for proof that the Internet has something for everyone."
Beckett (whispering): "I'm not going to ask you how you know that."

And the best look / line combo came as Castle beat a hasty retreat from the potenitally dangerous first crime scene. Beckett's jaw drops, and she says, "I'm ... marrying him."

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Under Fire."


  1. Here, you can read from another Castle fan!

    In fact, I first thought I was reading your blog (because it was about Castle), then realized it looked different. Haha!

    I didn't know about the Deavers. I like learning stuff like that!

    One of these days we'll probably end up owning the DVDs. That's how much we like the show. Hmmm... gives me a good idea as a gift for my husband anyway. He's got a birthday coming up. :)

  2. Michael I agree with what you say. It is good to shift focus to the supporting characters every once in a while like they did in "The 70's Show" with the whole "Ryansky and Hespo" or like in "Till Death Do us Apart" way back in season 4.