Monday, January 27, 2014

Castle: Limelight

By Michael Seese

Busy week, so we didn't get to watch Castle until Friday.

I wasn't too thrilled with "Limelight."


Perhaps it was because the victim (or would-be victim) was such a self-absorbed snot that I wanted to see her murdered. (And may even have considered doing the deed myself.)

Or perhaps it was because there was a huge logical hole, which then dragged down the rest of the episode. (More on this later.)

Or perhaps it was because Alexis is going to break up with Pi. (No wait... that's a good thing.)

Anyway, my overall rating was "meh."

Quick aside: kudos to my wife. She tabbed the killer in the first 15 minutes. 

There were some good moments.

Lanie said "lividity" again.

I thought the interrogation of ├╝ber-fan Ken Castor was great. He did a fantastic job of portraying a stalker's creepy sincerity. "She needed to know someone cared."

The scene with Alexis pouring out her heart to a bored-to-death Mandy was precious.

And then many good lines...

Beckett: "So you weren't gazing lovingly into her [Castle's ex-wife's] eyes?"
Castle: "She had spinach in her teeth. That's"

Castle: "It took me less time to write the last Derek Storm novel and, although both are works of fiction, at least that one was believable." 

Castle: "Does it say we're getting married in space?"
Beckett: "Not going to happen, babe."

And looks...

Castle's shocked look when Pi said, "You're a perfectionist. Like me."

Castle's crestfallen look when Mandy said, "Who are you?"

Beckett: "Do you believe everything you read in the papers?"
Esposito: "No. Except for that thing about Castle and his ex-wife." (Mischievous grin.)

Beckett: "I do realize you're somewhat famous."
Castle (incredulous): "Somewhat?" followed by Ryan's and Esposito's synchronized "little bit" finger gesture.

OK, the thing that ruined it was Sam (the bartender) sending Mandy a text.

1. She's dead! Why would anyone text a dead person?
2. Why would Mandy call back, even as Alexis is warning her against it?
    2a. And why didn't Alexis grab the phone?
3. But then, when Mandy says (paraphrasing), "He's probably working and can't hear over the noise of the club." Yes, that's probably why he texted you. So text him back!

Oh, well.

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Limelight." And let's gear up for "Dressed To Kill" tonight.


  1. I really need to start watching this show. You post so much about it!

  2. I had a hunch who did it pretty early on, too. I didn't catch the logical hole, though.

  3. I figured it out real quick, too.

    i want to posit, that Sam probably figured it out because he knew it wasn't Mandy in the bar that night.

    Ken the Stalker was sad & creepy, but he also hit the nail on the head. Mandy needed to know someone cared abt her.