Friday, May 2, 2014

Castle: Law & Boarder

By Michael Seese

Despite its flaws, I enjoyed "Law & Boarder." Though these are not technically flaws, a few elements in the opening scene left me scratching my head. Our soon-to-be-victim is on the run, trying to evade a motorcycle-riding assassin. He ducks behind a car. The motorcyclist stops and looks around. The victim sneaks away while the assassin's back is turned, and then...

Throws his board down and starts riding. Aren't tennis shoes just a little quiter than wheels on asphalt?

My second thought at the moment was, "You mean to tell me any street in New York is smooth enough to skateboard on? Right!"

Still, I had fun with this one. So many good lines. As often is the case... SPOILERS!

Castle: "Nobody beats me. Ever."
Beckett: "Oh yeah. You mention that. Repeatedly."
Castle: "Richard Castle, one word short. I cannot allow this to be my epitaph."

Beckett: "A reigning champion unable to cope with defeat. That sounds familiar."

Castle: "I admit I am extreme. Extremely handsome."
Beckett: "With a high degree of difficulty."

Beckett: "Aren't there more important things than winning?"
Castle: "Oh, that's a notion created to comfort those who lose."

Castle (after his "quixotic" defeat): "I think I need to be alone."

Esposito: "One of us is going to have to drop out. And by one of us, I mean you."

Ryan: "Anything I can do to help, literally, symbolically, let me know."

Lanie: "What's settled is, you two are idiots."

Quick aside #1: No "lividity" this week. I suppose since there was a witness (admittedly pickled, but...), she didn't need to ascertain time of death.

Quick aside #2: At least Logan's friend Holly confirmed that "He acted kind of strange."

Esposito: "I can't believe I gave him my pen."
Ryan: "I can't believe I gave him the secret family recipe."
Esposito: "I can't believe we just got beat by a girl."
Ryan: "Let's never speak of this again."
Esposito: "Speak of what?"

OK, the flaws. As always, I might have missed something. But...

- They may have mentioned that Logan had done some petty crimes. But rappelling down a building, using a glass cutter to gain access, and sneaking though an office with (ostensibly) a modern security system is a whole new ballgame.

- Oh, and then FINDING the videotape.

- Here's another idea, Logan. If you know that the tape is somewhere at the law office, why break in? Why not... I don't know... go the the police and tell them you have information on an unsolved murder case? Wacky thought.

- Exactly how did Ross know that Logan was breaking into / had broken into the law office, so that he could tail him and shoot him?.

- Along those lines, probably the biggest of all. I'm trying to imagine this monologue, which must have taken place in Logan's head. "Man, I can't allow Ross to get away with this. I need to act now. Wait, there's an extreme sports competition in New York, right now? Perfect cover. Now, where should I crash? Oh, I know. At the house of THE MURDERER! You know, the guy I'm trying to nail."

Oh well.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Law & Boarder."

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