Monday, April 28, 2014


By Michael Seese

In my last post, I noted that I had not contributed to Flash Fridays the past few weeks because the pictures didn't move me. The same goes for Indies Unlimited

But this week, both inspired me, and I'm back with a vengeance.

Or since I write, would that be pen-geance?

Or, pungence?

Oh well. Here is the picture.

And here is "Transformations."

Damn, it’s cold. 

Of course, being naked and in the wild tends to make for a chilly experience. Especially in winter. Tomorrow, the full moon will begin waning. And I will be normal again.

Funny. Exactly one year ago, “it” happened.

Out hunting, alone, I spied my quarry off in the distance. Cocky and arrogant, I ran full-out. As I neared, I thought I had the element of surprise on my side.

I was wrong.

He turned just as I lunged. We both went down in a heap. He got to his feet, bared his teeth, and came at me. I ducked. He sailed over, landing face-down.

I now had the upper hand.

He rolled over just as I pounced. And, unfortunately for him, he exposed his neck. I latched on, and held on for dear life. He began pummeling my sides. Pain shot through my ribs. But I did not release my grip until he fell still.

Limping home, I noticed a minuscule trail of blood behind me. I then realized he had scratched me, sealing my fate.

Now, one night each month, I must find a way to slip away from my family, so that they do not witness my transformation. I want tell them. Warn them.

Stay away from the humans. Otherwise, this could happen to you.

Such is the curse of the were-man. I can only hope the rest of the pack never learns of my secret. I know what they would do to me.

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Transformations."

Oh, and voting will be Wednesday, here, should you wish to stuff the ballot box (just kidding) on my behalf.

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