Saturday, July 26, 2014

Flash Friday "Fury"

By Michael Seese

Last week, my story "Big Sister" received an honorable mention. I'm hoping for the brass ring this week. But there are a lot of good stories there. Check them out.

Here is the photo prompt:

And here is "Fury."

Larissa stood transfixed as the ship foundered. Lustful waves licked her boards and, satisfied with the taste, consumed the vessel whole. The screams of the sailors died out as each helpless man was dashed against the rocks. She stifled a tear, wondering exactly why she would cry over the loss of a bunch of savages. Men who had enslaved her. Who had used her, nightly, for their personal satisfaction.

Wanting no part of the bastard they learned she carried, they set her upon this desolate shore, assuring her that Fate would watch over them. (All the while placing wagers on the onset, and the agent, of her demise.)

Fate, it would seem, enjoyed irony.

“I’m free now, lover!” she called out.

The tempest evaporated.

As she waded into the now-placid waters, she mused, “Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned. But a mortal’s ire pales when placed next to that of a jealous God of the Sea.”

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