Friday, August 1, 2014

Flash Friday -- The Kill PLUS a Snippet Of Hell Fighter

By Michael Seese

This week's Flash! Friday one came to me fairly quickly. Honestly, I think it took 10 minutes, start to finish. We'll have to see what the judge thinks.

Here is the photo:

And here is "The Kill."

I pushed the reeds to one side, and waited a good five minutes. I thought I might have spied some movement on the other bank. But I couldn’t be sure.

“See anything?” Amber asked.

“No,” I stated firmly, hoping to mask my indecision. “Let’s do this.”

We waded into the cool water. It felt great. Like victory. Almost.

“We’re going to make it,” she said.

“Let’s hope.”

We stepped onto the sandy soil, and raced for the prize.

We were nearly there when a camo-clad figure stepped out from behind the arch, his rifle leveled. I tried to take aim. But he had us. Amber never even reacted.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

She and I each took two to the chest. I dumbly stared down at the red splotches spreading across my shirt.

“Damn it!”

“Nice try, ace,” my opponent said. “But the flag isn’t even in here.”

I peppered him with three rounds of blue paint, just for spite.

But wait... There's more!

I also submitted a short story (6,800 words) to Emby Press for their anthology "Occult Detective Monster Hunter A GRIMOIRE OF ELDRITCH INQUESTS."  (Six hours before the deadline, I should point out.) 

If I may boast, I'm especially proud of the opening. I think it serves as a nice example of that writer's maxim, "show, don't tell." So without further ado, here is the opening of "Hell Fighter."

The thunderclap masked perfectly the single shot. In the flash he caught a glimpse of her face. Two thoughts came to his mind. Pretty. And young. Too young.

Then she was gone.

Feel free to share your opinions of either.

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