Saturday, August 16, 2014

Flash! Friday... The Farm

By Michael Seese

Another entry for Flash! Friday that I enjoyed writing. I'm pretty proud of some of the language, as well as the twist at the end. (OK, enough self-horn-blowing.)

We had to work off of this pic.

and include thunder.

Here is "The Farm."

The clap of thunder sent them scrambling for safety. Up, down they hurried, scurried, traversing the steps carved into the unforgiving rock face.

Fear creased their weary eyes as they huddled in the remote recesses of the caves. The parents hugged their children, hushed them, reassured them that everything would be fine.

But would it? Had they made the gods angry? Would the earthquakes return?

Nights, after the children had gone to sleep, the parents would gather and talk quietly.

Of escape.

Of freedom.

Of a life beyond.

They never spoke these words in front of the children. False hope is cruelty.

On the other side of the glass, Worker 1421 clicked his mandibles excitedly.

"They are so cool!" he said to his fellow drone. "I'm going to ask the Queen for a People Farm for my hatchday."

"They are fun to watch. And so industrious. Still, I think I'll shake it up and make them start all over again."

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