Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flash Friday: "Happy"

By Michael Seese

Win or lose, I'm really proud of my entry in this week's Flash! Friday.

Here is the photo we worked with.

And here is "Happy."

Burial mounds are never merry places. Except for today.

The denizens of the small town in western Ayrshire County arose in collective joy, as if under the spell of magic. Even the newborns saw fit to exchange their colicky cries for contented squeals.

The bells of the church, normally reproachful and condescending, rang gaily this morn. The parishioners filed faithfully into the nave and settled into their favored spaces. The priest rose, gazed upon his flock with loving eyes, and delivered his sermon with a single word.


Then the preparations began. Homes were tidied, picnic lunches were prepared, hearth fires were extinguished, and affairs were put in order.

Hand in hand, with voices in collective harmony, they marched to the glen. There, the witch directed them to the shallow sepulchres she had impelled them to dig a fortnight ago. Still singing, they stepped in and began burying themselves alive.

And thus was “born” the appropriately named town of BeĆ²cairn.

Wish me luck. And let me know what you think.

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