Saturday, October 18, 2014

Flash! Friday "Checkmate"

by Michael Seese

Another Friday, another Flash! Friday. Writing is a funny thing. I thought my entry for last week was pretty strong. And yet, it didn't even receive a mention. I point this out not in a whiny sense; I'm always just amazed at how much variation there is among readers' personal tastes.

Let's hope I fair better this week.

This week, this was the magic photo:


And this is "Checkmate."

Have you contemplated how proof of extraterrestrial life would impact Christianity?” he said, felling a bishop with his pawn.

They’d been playing this game so long, he knew the next move. The next hundred, in fact.

Faith, like all living organisms, adapts,” the old man replied, countering with a knight.

He also knew which buttons to push.

That sounds suspiciously like, dare I say, evolution.”

You choose your words. I’ll choose mine.”

But the elder’s confident voice betrayed a slight catch. He knew the game was drawing to a close. Even so, he could not resign. Too much was at stake.

And what of Jesus Christ? Admission to heaven requires belief in Him. Are we to assume He lived, preached on countless other worlds?”

Enough!” the old man snapped, sweeping an arm across the board. The pieces scattered, then one by one returned to their respective, necessary places. Science looked at his age-old adversary Religion, and smiled. Knowingly.


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