Monday, October 20, 2014

Castle: "Clear & Present Danger"

by Michael Seese

Last week I proclaimed Castle to be back. This week, the humor returned. "Clear & Present Danger" represented a return to the Scooby-gang mysteries which I personally find to be so much fun. 

For reference, see "Undead Again" or "Secret Santa." Like those episodes, Castle posits an improbable theory which Beckett refutes. Of course, once she has some "hands-on" experience with the Invisible Man, she changes her tune a bit.

(Picky aside: I can appreciate that being choked by an invisible entity would freak her out. Still, she's a cop. She's trained to kick, punch, whatever it takes to get out of a chokehold.)

And this week we had not one, but two characters say the victim had been acting strangely.

"Recently, he started hanging out in Brooklyn," according to Fats Shepherd, the owner / manager / player at Chelsea Billards.

"Will started acting paranoid last week," said Donna Brooks.

Hmmm. Wonder why?

As expected, lots of funny lines.

Beckett: "Anyway, back to the real world." (After Castle's gaming conversation with Henry Wright.)

Beckett: "That's not creepy. That's probable cause."

Beckett: "The only place we're going to find the devil is in the details."

Castle: "You collapsed the foam."

Castle: "And you thought zombie apocalypse survival training campe was a waste of time."
Beckett: "You just kind of made nerdy sexy."

"Henry: "We both realized I had become Frodo.

"Castle: "I missed our mind melds."

And this week, not so much "looks" as good physical humor. Of note:

- Castle leaning for support against the cop guarding the crime scene.
- Castle's air karate moves after their encounter with the Invisble Man.

What did you think of "Clear & Present Danger?"

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