Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flash! Friday: Finding Peace

by Michael Seese

I feel pretty good about this week's Flash! Friday. (Which means I've doomed myself.) Seriously, I like this piece but, like any writing, its quality is important. But ultimately, it comes down to the reader's opinion. So let's see if I can become a four-time winner.

Here is the photo:

It's Yugoslavia.

And here is "Finding Peace."

Each dawn gives birth to more than just a new day. She also spawns hope.

My father taught me to fish these waters, as his father taught him. I now share the secrets with my brother. The recipe, though, is no secret.

Patience and understanding.


You can’t simply cast a line, pull it back, and expect to find a fish obediently attached to your hook. You must finesse it. Work it. Gently, slowly...perhaps painstakingly so. But there must be movement. The universe never rewards inertia.


The waters can be treacherous. Unforgiving. But if you learn to read the currents—and time your journey to take advantage of their grace—you may navigate them safely. Without fear. Such bravery begets a contagion known as confidence.

Let the politicians say we are enemies. Let them say what they will. I say a son of Israel and a son of Palestine can be brothers. I say all sons can.

With patience and understanding.

Please share your thoughts.

PS: So far, "October Madness" is off to a good start. I submitted a No Strings to an agent (who already rejected it), a short Halloween story to an anthology (which I'll post on Halloween), Nightmares to a book reviewer, and this.

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  1. Like the reference to current events. I often try to do the same. Nice job, once again Michael. For whatever reason, that was a tough prompt for me and I had a little bit of fun with it. David Shakes called mine a piece of "metaflash." Liked that.