Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flash! Friday "The Mission"

by Michael Seese

Another tear-jerker for Flash! Friday. We had to include a monk (A MONK???) and use this photo:

Here is "The Mission." 

Houston, this is Chambers. I’ve reached the satellite, and will begin repairs. The door’s jammed. I’m trying the wrench. Got it. Oh my God! The reactor’s lost its coolant! The things glowing! I’ve got to fix the leak and switch to the backup. It’s so hot, my face is burning ...

The chase was on! Super spy 009 raced through the streets of Paris, pursuing the assassin called “The Monk.” Hed been warned to not look into the eyes of the killer, who supposedly had supernatural powers that could destroy a human brain. “Poppycock,” he snorted. Rounding a corner, 009 came face to face with The Monk. His eyes began glowing. 009 felt a stabbing in his skull ...

Ready, Sammy?”

Yes, Doctor.”

Your scans look good. This should be your last treatment,” Dr. Wilkinson said, his brave face fighting to subdue the grimace.


But nine-year-old Sammy Chambers knew the truth. This was to be his final mission.

Originally, I had two boys talking about Spiderman, and what it would be like to be a superhero. Then one walks up to the door, opens it, and says to himself, "If all that therapy can’t save me, he thought, maybe spider powers can."But I really couldn't come up with a good story leading up to it. So I went with the above.

Good choice / bad choice?

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  1. The picture + monk inclusion is very Canticle for Leibowitz. Which is the second time this week I've thought that book directly relevant, and can't for the life of me remember what the first one was.